Essential Oils You Can Mix With Your Makeup

Essential Oils You Can Mix With Your Makeup

If you’ve yet to incorporate essential oils into your beauty routine, then you’re seriously missing out. Not only do they smell divine, these oils boast a ton of skin benefits as well. Essential oils are often associated with beauty treatments and massages, so it’s amazing to hear that they can be mixed with your makeup products as well. If you’re planning to add a spa-like decadence to your beauty routine, here’s a selection of facial oils that mix well with any makeup product.

Brightening Face Oil

To achieve that long-lasting dewy look, simply mix a drop of your favourite essential oil into your tinted moisturizer or foundation before applying it. The lipophilic oil creates a bond between skin and makeup to achieve that natural-looking glow. Now that’s certainly an easy way to get that long-lasting glowing skin.

Avocado and Walnut Oil

Looking for oils to use on your lips? If so, then get your hands on avocado and walnut oils. These oils offer great deep conditioning treatment for the lips. All you’ve got to do is dab a good amount of the oil before going to bed at night, and you’ll wake up to a smoother and fuller-looking lips the next day.

Anti-Aging Eye Oil

Under-eye makeup can look caked on as the day progresses. To keep it from happening, simply apply a small amount of an absorbent and moisturizing oil – especially one that’s loaded with eucalyptus, geranium and rose oil – around your eye area prior to applying makeup. Not only will this mix of oils prevent cakey-ness, it’ll also brighten dark circles and calm under-eye redness to achieve that “awake” look.

Sweet Almond Oil

You’d be surprise at what certain oils can achieve. According to research, sweet almond oil can be used as an organic makeup remover along with virgin coconut oil. So ditch your chemical-based makeup removers now, and turn to these more natural and healthier options.

Frankincense and Rose Oil

Applying face oils can be especially beneficial as your skin matures. By using essential oils like frankincense and rose oil, you’re able to help your skin in retaining its natural moisture and in combatting the visible signs of aging. Frankincense promotes collagen production and renewal, while rose oil works wonders at nurturing and hydrating maturing skin. So if you want to ensure that your skin stay in tip-top condition, be sure to include these oils in your makeup.

What essential oils can do is truly amazing. So make sure that you incorporate any of the aforementioned oils into your makeup routine to get that unstoppable beauty combo.