DIY Christmas Gift Ideas  

Singaporeans are all excited to witness Christmas once again. Christmas is something that is anticipated by everyone because the streets come to life plus the people are getting merrier by the second. Here in Singapore, we celebrate Christmas with do-it-yourself gifts.


These gifts are valuable because they are hand-made and thoughtfully considered. If you are considering do-it-yourself Christmas gifts, here are some ideas you might want to try:

  • Food gifts: Some people say that if you give gifts, do not give something that can pass easily so they do not consider food gifts. However, there are those who greatly welcome food gifts. If you have to give food-lover a gift, of course it should be food. You can experiment and combine things. The best part is you get to decide how to contain it.
  • Jar gifts: Jar gifts are excellent memorabilia because it will be around for a long time unless you break it on purpose. Jar gifts are simple yet very classy. You can give jar gifts to your teachers and neighbours. Jars are functional depending on the purpose.


  • Sewing gifts: If someone thinks that you allotted time and effort in making their gift, they will surely treasure it. If you love sewing, you can put that into good use because you can easily make something functional and meaningful. For example, you can sew linen napkins for your friends.
  • Photo gifts: Another heart-warming gift is putting together photos. Parents and grandparents will surely value it. There are many themes that you can consider and you have the power to make it happen.

There are myriad of ideas that you can consider if you let your creative brain work. Gift is not important but the thought itself. No matter what your gifts are or how inexpensive they are, it would be greatly appreciated because you thought about the person.