Disciplining Your Kids the Thoughtful Way  

Teaching kids good values is part of every parent’s responsibilities. To make kids sensitive and cooperative, it is up for the parents to make disciplining a fun way. Here are some ideas on how to inculcate values and discipline your children without being too uptight to them.


  1. Reward Them When They Do Good

The reward system really helps a lot. Whenever your child is in his best behaviour, give credits by rewarding him. For example, if he does great in school or he has been a good kid while you were away, reward him with a toy or his favourite sweet treats. This will make your child feel good about himself and motivate him to stay disciplined.

  1. Subtle Punishments for Improper Acts

Correct your child whenever he does something more serious, like arguing with his sibling or getting low grade in school. Subtle punishments like not buying his favourite candy when grocery shopping or not allowing them to watch cartoons will make the child realize of his mistakes and would encourage him to be good next time.

  1. Set a Routine for Your Child to Religiously Follow

As a parent, it’s your responsibility to discipline your child. So, do not leave any space for naughtiness. Set a routine for your kid, like going to swim class and allocating time for homework, studying, playing, and watching TV. This doesn’t only let him do things he needs to do, but also do things he likes to do. This also ensures that your little one won’t indulge to any indiscipline.


  1. Set Ground Rules

Make a list of bad actions with corresponding punishments and discuss this with your child. This makes him more cautious of his behaviour. Watch his actions and don’t let any bad act go unnoticed. When correcting your child, make sure to explain to him why this act is inappropriate so he will understand why he should never do it again.

Disciplining and inculcating good values happens primarily at home. And as a parent, it is important to do this the right way in order to maintain your closeness to your child, while shaping them to become a better person in the future.