Credit Cards for the Mega Rich  

We use credit cards for various reasons. We are given limited credit limit. However, in the case of the mega rich, they need to have special access that is why their credit cards are different than ours. The credit cards of the mega rich have unparalleled benefits and superior customer experience.


So, what cards do they use? Here are some cards that we might find in the wallets of the mega rich people not only here in Singapore but around the world:

  • American Express: If the person is holding a “black card”, then he/she is definitely mega rich. American Express’ Centurion Card is an exclusive card that is given to the card’s richest customers. The card is black because it is made of anodized titanium. According to the Wall Street Journal, this is available for customers who charge more than $250,000 a year. There is no limit and we can just buy everything we want. Of course, the benefits differ here in Singapore and other countries.


  • JP Morgan: JP Morgan boasts of Palladium Card. The card is made of 23k gold and of course, palladium. The card is available for customers who have a private banker with JP Morgan. The annual fee is $595. There are numerous benefits like access to six hundred airport lounges. If the customer wants to use MarquisJet, they can do so.
  • Dubai First Royale Card: If there are precious metals like titanium, palladium and gold in cards, the Dubai First Royale Card is made of precious gems. The card is trimmed with gold plus a diamond dab in the middle. This card is available to royal family and other people who have ultra-high net worth. The card is exclusive.