Cool Places to Bring Your Child

If you want your children to get busy while learning, there are a lot of educational activities and centres that they can go to. By the end of the session or tour, your children will surely have learned something especially because of the interactive learning system. So bring your children to…



Dinosaurs-Live is located in Science Centre Road. The centre is open from 10am to 6pm daily. The admission fee for adults is S$23 and S$18 for children. For inquiries, you can visit their website at Walking with the Dinosaurs is made possible with the animatronics technology. Your kids will enjoy the walk and the facts about these giant reptiles.

NEWater Visitor Centre


NEWater Visitor Centre is located in Koh Sek Lim Road. The centre is open and free from 9am to 5:30pm every Tuesday to Sunday. NEWater offers interactive games and multimedia presentations to share their knowledge about water and other related subjects. If you visit NEWater, you are given the chance to tour their plantation.

Science Centre


Science Centre can be found in Science Centre Road. The centre is open daily from 10am to 6pm. General admission for adults is S$12 and S$8 for children. There are two main packages that you can consider: Science Centre + IMAX movie package (S$17 for adults and S$11 for children) and Science Centre + Snow City package (S$18 for adults and S$16 for children).

Sentosa Nature Discovery


Sentosa Nature Discovery is in Imbiah Lookout. The centre is open from 9am to6pm every day. The admission is free but if you want to avail of their guided tour, it will cost you S$8. For inquiries, you can visit their website at Visit here and your kids will surely enjoy country’s plant and animal life.

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