Christmas Displays You Should See  

Have you ever wonder how it feels like celebrating the holidays outside Singapore? There are a lot of things to see here in Singapore but there’s a multitude of things to see out there. If for this year you decided to celebrate holidays, you should head to America or Europe and see what it has to offer.


To excite you, there are different places in America or in Europe that offer crazy yet attractive and appealing festive displays. Here are some list of places you need to visit before going home to Singapore:

  • Illinois: In East Peoria, you have to take a picture and experience the ‘Star Trek’ themed display. Passers-by and tourists have this compulsion to stop for a while and take pictures of the USS Enterprise with astounding lights and forms. If you are a ‘Star Trek’ fan, you should never miss this chance.
  • California: If you are in California, you have to visit Venice. When you arrive, look for a structure that looks like a castle. The structure was outlined with lights. What’s amazing is that its reflections from the canal makes it more dream-like.
  • Massachusetts: You should side-trip to Massachusetts and see what Mr. Dominic Luberto has in his house. Mr. Luberto lives near a Jamaica Pond and every year, he is decorating his house with lights and actually, it has become quite an attraction. In fact, many locals take a drive via his house to see his decorations.


  • Brooklyn: In Brooklyn, there is a famous village that decorates lavishly. You have to go and see what Dyker Heights has to offer. Every year, the locals provide impressive sights for tourists because they are offering tours during the Christmas season.
  • Worcestershire: In Worcestershire, there is a house somewhere in Finstall that is so committed in Christmas. The house features different things that they joined “Britain’s Craziest Christmas Lights”.
  • Derbyshire: If you are in Derbyshire, you should go to The Skinners of Bolsover. The place is popular because it highlights displays such as pixel lights, musical accompaniment and computer animation. The place is made to raise money for charity and this year, it will be their 12th.  

It doesn’t matter where you are as long as you feel the festive spirit. For the record, you do not need to go out just to feel the spirit of Christmas or see beautiful sights. You can start from your house and be creative. Who knows one day your house will be featured like the others.