Celebrating Everyone’s Dream  


Writers around Asia and the world gathered here to we celebrate the Singapore Writers Festival 2015. The Festival started on October 30 and it will end on November 8, 2015. The theme of this year’s Festival is Island of Dreams. This year’s Festival is special because it encourages and invites audiences to reflect and look within when it comes to making our dreams come true.


In was in 1986 that Singapore Writers Festival (SWF) was established. It is a biennial festival and is one of the leading literary events here in Asia. The event is an avenue for writers and the academe. In ten days, there will be workshops, discussions and lectures.

If we are interested, here are some programs that we should look forward to:

  • Utter: Utter is an initiative by SWF that seeks to display and celebrate the best talents here when it comes to writing. The works will alter then be adapted to different languages and media to encourage local writers.


  • Words Go Round: This special program will encourage young minds to exercise creativity especially when writing. The program seeks to bring writers to different schools. The writers will then share their stories and ideas. The talks are enriching that it can stimulate imagination which will lead to the world of writing and literature in general.

The SWF already presented famous figures like Nobel Prize winner Gao Xingjian, and Pulitzer Prize victor Michael Cunningham. These figures certainly gave inspiration for all the audience. Since this year’s theme is about celebrating our dream, why not take it a notch higher? The much coveted Nobel Prize or Pulitzer Prize will be hours – in time. We have to be ready for it.