Balancing Social Media and Your Job  

By now, almost everyone is aware that social media is more advanced compared to traditional media such as television, radio and print. In today’s modern world, social media is performing a one man show. It can be a television, it can be a radio and it can even become print media. But what is the connection of work to social media?



Here’s the thing: social media platforms nowadays are used as a source of information by everyone. Many public figures have social media accounts in Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and more. Through this, they can easily be reached. For journalist and reporters it’s comfort because they so not have to go to other places just to visit a personality or any individual. It is true the almost all people in the world have social media accounts.


Safe Socializing

Any person can create accounts in social media. They may be your grandfather, mother, aunt, brother, friend, manager, co-employee and more. When you are connected to any of these, they can automatically see you profile and through that, they can monitor you. Thus, be careful: do not use social media to post anything that may compromise your work. Social media is a backstabber. When you post anything in any social media platforms, there will be a great possibility that your post may be seen by your company manager.

Dangers of Posting

Posting anything negative about your job or position would really make a bad impression on your superiors because, first of all, you are working under his company to help and not to make him suffer. Most of the time, managers may decide abruptly and end your job contract. Therefore, be careful with what you do and avoid sharing your emotions on your social media account because sometimes, people who have seen your post may or may not like it.