A Mother’s Guide:  Talking to Your Child

It is not easy to be a mother, especially if it is your first time to handle a baby. It is also hard to talk to your child when your baby only know how cry, smile, sleep, eat and laugh. When it comes to teaching you child on how should he speak. Learn these few guidelines to help get close with your baby while teaching him new ideas.

Mother & Son

Talk to Your Child in a Slow Manner

After you teach your child a word, wait for him to speak it the way you spoke the word. In this way, he can easily remember the word and the way you speak it. Be patient of repeating to speak the words you teach to your child because sometimes, your child might not be interested with what you are doing.

Do Not Ask your Child too Many Questions

Like adults, babies easily get annoyed. When you ask many queries to your child, it’s also a way of distracting them. To help them accelerate their speaking abilities, limit talking to them as if they are adults.


Body Language and Facial Expression are Very Essential

Your baby might not understand what you are saying; therefore, you need to act what you must say to him. By doing this, your child can easily understand the words you say. Also, your child will be more happy to see you and may see it as if you are playing with him.

Give your Child Attention

It will just take a few minutes to give your child enough attention. Hence, do it with passion. Always remember that it is for your child; to help him improve his speaking skills.