A Guide to Personalizing Your Home

Coming home to a place that not only feels well-designed and tidy, but is uniquely yours, is one of the best ways to refuel yourself after a long day at work. But how you do create flat that will be deemed Instagram- and Pinterest-worthy? How do you make your home as truly yours? Well, if you see yourself as a bookworm, a coffee enthusiast, or entertainer, look no further because we have the design inspiration that’ll customize your home with just a few key accessories.


  • For the Bookworm: A Cosy Reading Nook

Cosiness is the essential element to consider if you’re planning to create a perfect spot to curl up with your favourite magazine, or your latest NY Times bestseller. The key pieces? Great lighting, a comfy chair, a throw blanket, a bench to hold your latte or prop your feet, and other pretty items to make your corner feeling inviting.

Fresh flowers and a silver candle holder are also a great addition to your nook to add a slight hint of glam. If you’re still not a book lover, then this snuggly corner will surely change your mind.

  • For the Entertainer: A Music Area or Bar

If you’re considered as the Monica Geller in your circle of friends, chances are you could use a special space in your apartment for your entertainment must-haves: tunes and cocktails. Using the top of a three-drawer dresser or chest will allow you to carve out an entertainment space without putting in any additional furniture.

It’d also be a good idea to keep your bowls and wine glasses ready to avoid digging through cabinets to look up extras for your guests. Adding a woven basket to hold your favourite records will also be a good idea. This will give your guests easy access to choose from your collection and play DJ, giving you more time to mingle and keep the booze coming.home-mini-bar-028

  • For the Coffee Enthusiast: An In-Home Coffee Cart

Regularly visits your local coffee shop every morning? Consider making an in-home coffee cart. Not only will this give you extra time to enjoy your coffee in the morning, it’ll also save you hundreds of dollars in the long run.

Just make sure to purchase a charming set of mugs, and cream and sugar holders to add a more personal touch to your coffee cart. Waking up to a complete and personalized coffee cart will surely give your day a more gratifying start.

Personalizing your space is one of the best ways to make your home feel like it’s truly yours. So keep the aforementioned tips in mind the next time you feel like giving your space some personal touch.