7 Qualities of a True Leader

The success of Singapore was made possible through the visions and aspirations of its early generation of great leaders. Through the efforts of these people, Singapore has become one of the most developed nations in the world. Of course, not all are effective leaders. But here are some qualities that a true leader is seen to portray.

1. Honest and transparent
Good leaders build better relationships through honesty, transparency and trust. A leader who is honest asserts the truth to their people, no matter how harsh it may seem. If a company is having problems financially, for example, it would be better for the employees to know the reasons behind it than leaving them in the dark and prompting them to listen to and even spread rumors.

2. Open-minded
A leader who does not intend to take criticism from others will only incite more and more problems. One who closes off others’ ideas and new challenges will eventually bring a group down. Genuine leaders are ones who are open to tackling risks and opportunities, willing to learn from their people’s suggestions, and take necessary opinions and healthy criticisms.

3. A good listener
A true leader also not only communicates, but listens attentively to other people. They continuously improve by listening and acknowledging others’ suggestions and using them for the benefit of learning and growing. Being a good listener can also encourage subordinates to pour in more thoughts and be more expressive because they know that he/she pays attention to them well.

4. Fair
No one wants to learn that they’re workload is much heavier compared to an equal peer. When tasks are divided unevenly as a result of, let’s say favoritism, it can be a cause of conflict. A true leader will be free of his/her own biases simply for the benefit of the whole group.

5. Empathetic
Leaders who are capable of connecting and relating to their members can have a strong bond with them and have an easier time in leading them. This simply means that problems are dealt with more easily because he/she is putting himself/herself in others’ situation. In a sense, the leader is walking side by side with others and is sharing a clear vision together.

6. Accountable
A leader’s accountability can be contagious! Those who are responsible and take ownership of their own mistakes will almost instantly earn success. This is because of understanding their own failures and learning from the, all the while, not jeopardizing relationships with others through blaming. This quality can easily translate to others, also making them more accountable and trustworthy.

7. A good motivator
There are always times when we reach a creative plateau and it seems that we’re not being very productive at all. A good leader, then, is someone who can spice things up at times of stress and boredom. Motivation is also given through proper recognition and appreciation of others’ hard work and effort.