7 Must-Do Things When Travelling to a Different Country


Whether or not you are a seasoned explorer, it’s surprisingly easy to travel like one. The key isn’t discovering the secret spots of the place, but rather doing the everyday activities of the locals that will help you experience the country and culture in full.

  1. Try Street Foods

The food is one of the highlights when visiting new places. So when you get a chance to travel to a different country, make sure to try their street foods for a complete gastronomic experience. Do not be afraid to try things that sound foreign to you. If you see people trying it, be open and try it yourself as well. Who knows, it might become your new favourite.

  1. Check Out Local Hang-Out Spots

When chatting with the locals, try to ask about places where they usually hang-out. You may also do some research by searching the internet and reading blogs. This is a fun way to meet new people and find great company, especially when travelling alone.

  1. Shop at a Local Market

Test your bargaining skills and get great deals at local bargain shop and thrift stores. Whether it is food or clothes, you will surely find something for yourself or something to bring home for your family and friends

  1. Take Public Transpo

There is really no better way to see the full scope of your destination than by taking public transportation. Unlike cabs, busses let you see the neighbourhood and the behaviour of the locals. Just be sure to bring a map, keep your eyes peeled and be aware of your belongings at all times.

  1. Try Traditional Cuisines

Grab the chance to try authentic cuisines from the country. If possible, stay away from foods you can have back home. Be adventurous and try dishes you haven’t heard or tried before. These foods are famous for a reason, and this is the best time to try them out.

  1. Challenge Yourself

Do something you’ve never done before. Eat something you’ve never tried. Resist the urge to plan the days ahead. Whatever your comfort zone is, push yourself beyond that limit. A great trip will let you discover new things about yourself—and may even change you for the better. The only way to achieve that is to shake things up a little.

  1. Document It

Whether you’re trying a famous street food or doing something extreme like bungee jumping or skydiving, make sure to create unforgettable memories by documenting the events—either record it in a video or take photos of it (or both).

Doing these things will make your trip even more memorable and fun. Skipping the guidebooks sometimes will help you experience a more authentic trip and transition you from a typical tourist to an adventurous traveller.