6 Things Waiters Won’t Tell But You Should Know  

Everybody loves dining out. I mean what’s not to love about not doing a single kitchen chore but still enjoy a sumptuous full meal? Well, there’s just one person who’s not enjoying the same things that you do—your waiter.  Sure, servers are named as such because they are there to serve us. However, just like us, they are humans, which can be irrational at times; and are employees, who only follows protocols.


We talked to a number of restaurant servers in the city and here are the surprising secrets they’re hiding from you.

  1. “We are instructed to lie.”

If you ask your waiter how much calories your pizza or pasta dish has, they’re less likely to provide answers; or if they do, they’ll just say something like “That information is available online. You can check it at our website.”

  1. “We’re not ignoring you, we’re just busy.”

While slow service can be frustrating, customers should keep in mind that they aren’t the only table that the waiters are serving for. Waving hands or snapping fingers to get a waiter’s attention while they are still serving other table is distracting and disrespectful in some way.

  1. “Tips are part of our salary, so they’re important.”

Salaries of most waiters are low because they get tips directly from customers. So when diners refuse to leave some tip, it can be frustrating to the servers.


  1. “Not everything a customer asks is granted.”

For example, if you’re a vegetarian and ask for a vegetable stock instead of pork or chicken stock, your waiter may say yes even if they don’t. As what they say, customers cannot tell the difference anyway.

  1. “Daily specials are not special.”

In many restaurants, the special dish of the day is whatever they need to sell out before it goes bad. Watch out for these dishes, such as the soup of the day. If it has fish or it’s some kind of gumbo, it’s likely a less saleable dish they need to get rid of.

  1. “It helps to pick your day carefully.”

Picking the same day (or days) to dine in a restaurant helps a lot to be recognized as a regular customer. Once waiters and attendant recognize you as a regular, good things start to happen. You can ensure better food, you can enjoy more wine for less the price, or the chef can whip you up some sample dishes.

Keep these things in mind and be a savvy diner next time you eat out. And instead of treating your waiter disrespectfully, befriend him for honest and better assistance.