6 Edible Wedding Favour Ideas worth Checking Out

If you’ve always believed in the adage that food is love, then express your appreciation for your wedding guests by giving them a scrumptious edible wedding favour. From zesty bottles of hot sauces to a personalized chocolate bar, we guarantee that your guests won’t be leaving these wedding treats behind.


  1. Seasonal Treats. One unique edible wedding favour idea is giving your guests a treat that reflects the season – strawberry jam for spring, or mini apple pies for fall. If you’re still a novice in the kitchen, enlist the help of your local bakeshop or your caterer to make your sweet and tasty favours. You can further personalized your treat by having a customized packaging or adding a personalized tag to it.
  1. Your Secret Recipe. Do you have a secret recipe that your guests go nuts for? Then whip up a batch of your famous caramel popcorn or oatmeal cookies. Package the favour in a way that reflects your wedding theme, and if you’re feeling hospitable enough, slip in the recipe for your well-known treat.
  1. Pop Tarts. Whether you admit it or not, Pop Tarts are among the indulgences that people never grow out of. Ask your local baker’s help in creating a more adult-friendly version of this all-time favourite treat by using flavour combos like apple and brown sugar, which your guests will surely enjoy.


  1. Limoncello Liqueur. Up for a DIY project? Consider whipping up some good homemade limoncello liqueur. Send your guests home with a bottle of your own lemon liqueur blend, and they’ll surely remember your big day as they take a good sip of it at home.
  1. Cotton Candy. This spun sugary treat isn’t just for kids. Bring your favourite cotton candy to a gourmet level by packing them in refined flavours like lemongrass or salted caramel. Added bonus points if you’ll get a vendor to make the treat on the spot at your reception.
  1. Roasted Coffee Beans. Got a guest list full of coffee lovers? Then order a custom-made coffee mugs and fill them with fresh roasted coffee beans. Add a tag with the guests’ table number and your favour doubles as an escort card. Have too many guests to take the personalized route? Opt for a gourmet chocolate-covered coffee beans that are packaged in striped tins to give your guests an end-of-the-day energy boost.

There’s no better way to show your appreciation to the people who joined you on the biggest day of your life than giving them a delectable wedding treat. So use of the following wedding favour ideas, and you’ll surely send your guests home with big smiles on their faces.