5 Ways to See More on Your Next Trip

Perhaps, this is your 100th trip, or maybe your first vacation outside Singapore. Regardless how well travelled you are, here are some helpful ideas on how you can make the most of your holiday and experience your destination even more.

1. Be Flexible
Having a plan is certainly a must when travelling to new places. But don’t stick too much to your plans that you’re unwilling to try things that aren’t on your to-do-list. You never know who you will meet down the road or new things you will learn that may urge you to hop on a bus or train and go to a different direction. Oftentimes, it is the unplanned things that make a trip unforgettable.

2. Be Open to New Experiences
Travelling is an opportunity to discover new things, so try stuff you haven’t tried before that are almost given. It could be trying out a local delicacy or going sky diving. Collecting new experiences should be your ultimate goal when visiting places you’ve never been to. You might just be surprised of the new learnings you might gain about your destination and even about yourself.

3. Stay for a Little While
If you’re up for a long-term trip, don’t hesitate to put down roots for a little while in your destination. Usually, travelers rush from destination to destination to explore as many cities as possible in a limited amount of time. But if you’re up for a longer stay, slowing down the pace will give you the chance to fully absorb and adapt to the practices and culture of the place and live as if you are a true local.

4. Meet New People
It’s true—it is often the people that makes the trip worthwhile. Travelling offers a tremendous opportunity to meet folds from all walks of life, each with a story to tell and ideas to exchange. But do not expect these people to come flocking to you. Because more often than not, you will have to get out of your comfort zone in order to make the first contact. Don’t put your guards too high. While there’s nothing wrong with being vigilant, be approachable enough to let good people enjoy your company.

5. Get Planned
This may be contrary to the first tip, but planning how to enjoy the unplanned makes so much difference from a stressful trip to a fun adventure. Plan ahead by researching about your destination. It could be that the country you will be visiting needs specific vaccines, so you can protect yourself from getting sick while on the trip.

Other things that you’d want to plan ahead is preparing an electronic copy of all your documents, in case you lose them along the way. Basic planning such as these will save you from horrible situations.

Above all, enjoy your trip. It is the experience that counts and that’s what you want to remember and cherish when you return home.