5 Tricks to Make Running More Fun


There are days when you just love to head outside and run. Everything seems to feel amazing—your legs feel light and bouncy and your mile splits definitely deserves recognition.


However, there are also days when running feels like a chore. Calling it quits isn’t the best route to take, whether you’re running for fitness purposes or in preparation for a big race. Here are some tricks to motivate you to go out and run.

  1. Look and Feel Fabulous

If you go out wearing the cutest pair of running shorts and shoes you have, then it’s easier to get out of the house and take a run. Showing off a stylish running outfit can be enough to serve as a motivation to get started.

  1. Go for a Stunning Route

There’s nothing more calming than a run by the beach or a jog in the woods at sunrise. As much as possible, find a route that’s far from your regular route to work or school, so that your runs offer new and interesting views.

  1. Create an Awesome Playlist

Nothing beats good music in getting you pumped up for workout—and that includes running. While you can imagine you’re in a romantic film—where you’re running towards your one true love—your run doesn’t have to be dramatic. It’s just nice to listen to good music to block the world as you do your thing.


  1. Take Walk Breaks

We just have to accept the fact that running can be difficult, and embrace the inevitability that we need to walk at times. You may run steadily in a comfortable pace for a certain amount of time, and then go power-walking so you don’t get burnt out easily.

  1. Run With a Friend

If you choose to run with a friend, go with someone who has similar running pace and skill so you’re evenly matched.  Good company not only motivates you to head out and run, but also make time and miles fly by pretty quickly.

Of course, all of these will only help if you have already decided for a goal. When you need the best motivation, ask yourself these questions: Will I feel better after a run? Will I be glad I ran? Unless you’re sick or injured, the answer to these questions is more often than not “Yes.” If you want to see a difference soon, lace up and hit the road.