5 Tips on How to Choose Designer Golf Shoes


While a lot of golf players are placing meticulous attention in the maintenance of their golf clubs, their golf shoes are often neglected. Know that it is not enough to invest in designer golf shoes, they should be taken care of properly so that they will last for several years.


It is a fact that shoes such as men’s Adidas golf shoes are of high quality. However, for you to be able to make the most out of this footwear, proper maintenance should be conducted. Be honest, when was the last time you have thoroughly cleaned and washed your golf shoes? In this post, you will get essential tips on the proper care of one of the biggest investment you have made for your golf career: your golf shoes.

  1. Invest in two pairs of shoes

It is recommended that you rotate using your shoes per round of golf. This is to ensure that both pairs aren’t abused and used for extended periods. Having two well-maintained shoes which are rotated at regular intervals last longer than a single pair especially if you play golf very often.

  1. Clean shoes after every round of golf

No matter what brand of shoes you have, be it FootJoy classic golf shoes or men’s Adidas golf shoes, wipe off all the dirt it has acquired in the round of golf that just passed. This is specifically true if the shoes have been soaked during your play. Use a soft towel with mild soap and water. After which, allow it to air dry before you keep it in the locker. This is to avoid accumulating germs which will later cause bad odors.


  1. Do not store your shoes in your car trunk

This is a very common mistake made by many golf players. The car’s trunk can get very hot, especially during the day. If you keep your designer golf shoes there, it will be exposed to extreme temperatures. This can damage the materials and decrease the lifespan of the shoes.

  1. Polish or put in some wax to your shoes

You must include polishing your shoes in your routine. It is ideal to do this at least once a month. Not only will it look good and make you famous among your golfer friends, but this practice will also help maintain the form of the shoes. Thus, even if your FootJoy classic golf shoes have been with you for many years, it will still look new.

  1. Change the shoe spikes every two months

Another thing you must include in your routine is the regular changing of your spikes. These plastic grips get worn down after a number of games. If you play regularly on rough terrain, you would need to replace them quicker. You will know when you need to do this if you notice that they are not giving adequate support to your stance.

Truly, playing golf do not only require skills and persistence in the game itself. You also need patience in terms of taking care of your equipment, such as your designer golf shoes. This will allow you to enjoy your sport better and to save money as you wouldn’t need to buy new equipment often.