5 Small Things that Can Make A Relationship Last Longer

Sometimes we think that we always have to do something big and grand to keep our romantic flames going. Sure, big surprises and celebrations can be great but there are also a lot of small, everyday things that can make relationships even stronger. Here, then, is a list of the small things that you should pay attention to to build a stronger and deeper relationship with your partner.

Experiencing things together

Travel, go to shows and events, plan a staycation somewhere, and just experience new things together. Initially, you don’t even have to leave Singapore to try new things! There may be some nature parks you haven’t been able to go to yet, or some hawker centres you haven’t eaten at. When you experience new things together, you get to know each other better. You’ll be able to build a stronger bond with each other since you’ve experienced a lot of things together.


Listening to our partners, especially when they need us the most, is clearly important for any relationship. Even so, some people tend to stop listening well to their partners later in the relationship. If your partner talks to you about all the bad things she’s had to go through throughout the day, then be patient and pay attention. Your partner will see that you’re willing to listen to her no matter and surely will try to return the favor.

Showing each other affection

Holding hands, hugging, and kissing are the more obvious ways for couples to show affection to each other. But there are other small, sometimes unnoticed, ways to show our affection as well. It can be as simple as stroking your partner’s hair while she’s lying down or even giving them a massage after a tiring day at work. These small gestures make you see and understand your connection with each other.

Smiling and laughing

You better believe that smiling at your partner, even at random times, can be an incredible display of affection. It shows that you’re happy and thankful to be with them. Sometimes it can be a way to just goof around with them too. Watch comedy shows or funny movies and clips to spend some time laughing with each other. It’s just a really simple way for you to have a good time together.

Respecting each other’s “me time”

Having a healthy relationship doesn’t mean you’ll have to be with each other always. In fact, it’s the opposite. It should be better for your relationship if you have time apart from each other to do more personal things. You have work, parents and friends to talk to, and goals you’d want to achieve individually. In this way, even though your happy spending time with your partner, you’re still able to keep being yourself.