5 Signs Its Time to Quit Your Job

We all have days when we realize that we don’t really like our job and wish that we’re in some other place. But how will you really know if it’s already time to jack in your current job and find a better position? Here, we’ve listed down five indicators that might mean that might help you decide that it’s about time to drop everything and look for a much better job.

Dear Boss, I Quit: Unhappy Employee Message

  1. You Feel Unappreciated and Undervalued. If, regardless of how much you try, you still feel unappreciated and undervalued then it’s a clear sign that it’s time for you to leave your current job behind. This is a common problem among modern day jobs since they’re compartmentalized that regardless of how good you are at your job, you’ll never get the credit that you feel you deserve. What’s more frustrating is you might even end up with a higher production figure and be forced to work much harder than before.


  1. Your Line Manager Makes Your Working Life Feel Like Hell. There are a few things worse at work than having a nightmare manager – the type of manager who cancels your leave at the last minute, drops an urgent deadline on you, or demands a conference call just when you’re about to catch the flight for your most awaited trip. If you ever find yourself in this situation, your best option would be to leave the company. Trust us: Unless you’re lucky enough that they decide to quit before you do, this type of manager will make your life a feel like a living hell.


  1. Your Health is Affected with Your Work Stress. Although it sounds insane to sacrifice your health to stay in a crummy job that even barely covers your rent bills, it actually happens. If you ever find yourself working in a company where you constantly burn yourself out, then do yourself a favour and leave your job. Losing your health by staying and doing the job you hate isn’t worth it at all.


  1. You’re Completely Disliked or Ignored by Your Co-Workers. Being a sociable creature who spends a large amount of time at work, it’s normal to want to spend some with people that we get along well with in the office. However, if you’re currently working in a place where people tend to ignore you or be hostile around you, then it’s best to find another job and a friendlier set of colleagues.


  1. You Damaged Your Reputation. Nobody’s perfect and we all make mistakes. But sometimes, we just really screw things up like drinking too much at a company party and embarrassing ourselves in a spectacular fashion, or simply having an awfully bad luck and finding ourselves with a tarnished reputation. If this happens, regardless of how great your current job is, it might be best for everyone if you leave your job and start anew.

Apart from these signs, you might also have your own reasons for leaving your job and looking for something better. But whatever reasons you have, we suggest that you think things over first, seek some guidance and follow what your instinct is telling you.