5 Reasons Why Should Sign-Up for Netflix


Just this month, Netflix has gone live in 130 more countries—including Singapore. So, if a friend from US keeps bugging you to sign-up for a subscription, it would be wise to know how this streaming pioneer can give a bang for the buck. Here are the reasons how Netflix can change how you stream movies.


  1. Convenient Viewing

Obviously, the first benefit you’ll get from a Netflix subscription is convenient viewing of videos. You can use your PC, laptop, tablet, and phone—or even your PS3, Xbox, and Wii—to watch movies. You can even watch different shows on different devices simultaneously using one Netflix account. For example, you can watch your favourite series on your computer, while your parents watch a movie on the TV. Everyone can watch what they want, which is always a good thing to have.

  1. Profiles

Don’t want the kids watching inappropriate shows? Well, with Netflix it’s easier to filter the videos for the little ones. You can control the available videos for them by creating a profile for every user. Within a profile, you can choose parental options that let you narrow down your kids’ search to films below PG-13.


  1. Video Selection

Although content is still scarce as of the moment (since it launched just recently), Netflix is known to offer a bank of thousands of movies and TV shows. One of the reasons to sign-up for a subscription is that you can watch your favourite series and TV show in their entirety. The episodes are listed one after another, so you won’t have to hunt around for them.

  1. Search by Actor

Are you a Tom Cruise fan, but don’t know what movies he starred in. Netflix offers the option of searching for an actor and providing their profile for you to see their movies. It’s a great way to enjoy new films you’re sure you’ll like apart from your classics.

  1. Reasonable Price

For as low as $10.98 a month, you’ll have unlimited access to a vast selection of local and international movies and TV shows. It’s a fairly reasonable price when you consider how many shows you can watch for unlimited times. I, myself, am looking into signing up for a subscription plan and let my entire family use my account. For sure, with the amount we’ll collectively use it, it will be well worth the investment.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out the website and take advantage of their free one month trial!