5 Home Decorating Ideas You’re Too Scared to Try But You Should


Some home decorating themes are too flashy or just way too much for a simple home. However, if done tastefully, such unique decorating ideas can make any home look effortlessly modish.


Do you have the courage to embrace distinctive home styling? If so, let these unique and trendy decorating ideas beautify your space.

  1. Black Paint

Black is a staple colour in fashion, but not so much in home decorating. To avoid the haunted-house effect, use black strategically.  Consider pairing black window trims and doors with pale walls, or have an accent wall painted in black for a hint of drama.

  1. Geometric Prints

Chevron prints are so outdated; geometric prints are in. Look for drapes and rugs in honeycomb or basket-weave patterns—or any large patterns—for an added texture and visual interest to the room. And don’t be afraid to mix prints and patterns.

  1. Wallpaper

Very few homeowners patronize wallpapers, perhaps because of its impermanence—which is ironically its primary advantage. Wallpaper allows you to try trendy design options, minus the work and commitment required with old-fashioned wall paints. The impermanence of removable wallpaper lets you experiment until your come up with a look that works for you. Choose fabric wallpaper over regular ones for an extra oomph.


  1. Tropical Decor

If overly done, a floral design interior has the potential to make a space look like a cheap motel room. Make a tropical decor work by introducing it in small doses: a table runner, toss pillows, or a tropical plant in a corner.

  1. Touches of Yellow

Many of us find yellow to be too stark to serve as a home decor theme. However, if you use it with caution, it can amp up the look and mood of any room. Introduce this hue gradually, as an accent—think of yellow side lamps, one or two yellow throw pillows, and a sunflower paint hung on a wall—and practice restraint.

There’s no need to limit yourself to neutral colour schemes and basic furniture pieces. As long as you do everything subtly and consider the existing pieces you have, it should be easier to pull off any look you wish to have for your home.