4 Factors That are Keeping You from Getting a Promotion


It’s every employee’s dream to get promoted. Moving up the corporate ladder isn’t just a great career perk, but it also gives you the feeling that your life is in the right track. This is the reason why getting passed over for a promotion is a huge blow to a person’s ego. You feel like you’ve been doing everything, but your efforts aren’t acknowledged.

However, before letting negativity consume the whole of you, reflect about how you are really doing at work. Take a break for a while and read through these factors that are probably hindering you from getting that promotion.

  1. You Lack the Skills Required for the Job

The most common misconception employees have about promotion is that it is solely based on one’s performance in his current position. While it’s a major factor, your success in one area doesn’t guarantee the same success in a higher position. For example, if you excel at data entry but lack problem solving skills and strategic thinking, you may not be a suitable candidate for data analyst. To get ahead, familiarize the requirements of the higher position you want and try to develop it.

  1. You Lack the Soft Skills

Other than developing the technical skills required for a higher position, you will need to master the soft skills as well, like diplomacy, conflict negotiation skills and social skills. Practice the necessary soft skills needed in the job you’re eyeing, and then showcase them through involvement in projects and programs. Perhaps, you can volunteer to lead a group or a presentation or be an informal mentor to a younger or newer employee.

  1. You Take Criticisms Negatively

Everyone is bound to commit mistakes, so if your manager gives a constructive criticism about what to do next time, take it as an opportunity to learn more. Instead of resenting too much or crying about it, be mature enough to realize that negative criticisms help you grow. View this as another learning experience and training, so that on your next evaluation, you’re likely to be a step closer to your dream promotion.

  1. You’re In the Wrong Company

If you know deep within you that you’ve done everything and have proven it so many times that no one can explain why you aren’t promoted yet, then maybe because you’re in the wrong place. If you feel like your career is in stagnant water, then maybe it’s time to ponder about moving on and finding a new place where your efforts are acknowledged. Who knows? Maybe a shift in your career or a new company may be just what you need to get the career boost you deserve.

Being passed over for a job promotion doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world. In fact, it could serve as a sign that maybe you’re not in the right path. So take this as a lesson, learn from your past and keep that promotion in sight.