3 Signs You’re in a Happy and Healthy Relationship

All our lives, we want to be with the perfect someone who will be with us for the rest of our lives. We want them to be our lover, friend, confidant, companion and partner in crime. In order to know if you are really in a healthy relationship with your significant other, try to gauge that with today’s relationship standards.

1. You fight the healthy way
Before, people believe you are in a healthy relationship if you fight less. A couple who is seen to be five times more affectionate than combative is believed to be in a healthy relationship. However, in today’s relationships, what matters more is how you work through the conflicts to achieve greater harmony.

Unfortunately, many couples do not have the repair mechanism to work disagreements out. Many of them simply sweep the problem under the rug. But the truth is, you will know if you are in a healthy relationship if you can fully resolve conflicts and find solutions to any disagreement you may have.

2. Making love is relaxing
Today’s couples have so many things going on in their lives that making love easily becomes another task, rather than being something that’s relaxing and nourishing. Couples often assume that wild and steamy nights demonstrate that they have an amazing love life. But really, you don’t need to make love in dangerous locations in order to prove you have a happy relationship.

A healthy intimacy today is one that provides both individuals more relaxation and allows you to be more open and connected with each other. You don’t need to do it every night, but instead make love that’s affectionate and loving.

3. You can no longer hear that little voice in your head
People often judge relationships based on the same values shared by the couple or whether you enjoy doing activities together. People want that feeling of certainty in their relationships. While you can’t really guarantee anything when it comes to love, you know you’re in something healthy when that little voice inside you is no longer justifying your partner’s actions or is not questioning the things that happen between you and your partner.

A healthy and happy relationship is one in which that little voice in your head is quiet. The excuses go away, and all you have is the trust and the confidence in the solidity of the relationship.

Above all, remember: this is not your grandparents’ or your parents’ marriage, so don’t compare their relationship with yours. In fact, having a happy, healthy and lasting relationship in this day and age is nothing like we have ever seen before. Heed these advices and work together as a team to make your last longer, happier and stronger.