3 Breathtaking Offshore Islands of Singapore  

It’s almost summer season, and perhaps you’re already on the plan of where to go next for your summer escapade. Look no further than the country’s cluster of breathtaking offshore islands. Here are some of the best islands (other than Sentosa!) to explore.


  1. St. John’s Island

Situated in the southern part of Singapore, St. John’s Island was once a quarantine station for Chinese immigrants diagnosed with cholera. However, today, it is a place where you can witness picturesque view of beaches, lagoons, and picnic grounds, as well as vast specie of flora and fauna. It is easy to plan for a vacation here, with the island’s bungalow villa that can accommodate more than 50 guests.

Getting There:

A ferryboat from Marina South Pier can take you to St. John’s. The fare for a two-way trip can range from $18 to $20 per person.

  1. Lazarus Island and Pulau Seringat

A couple of paths from St. John’s can lead you to Lazarus Island and Pulau Seringat. Formerly, Lazarus was a standalone, but the two islands are now joined together through an 800-meter long beach. The joined islands overlook a stunning lagoon, which is also a popular spot for swimming.

Getting There:

Follow a pathway from St. John’s Island leading to Lazarus Island.


  1. Pulau Hantu

A southern offshore island, Pulau Hantu is a popular place for divers and snorkelling aficionados. The island boasts a wide variety of beautiful reefs and corals, as well as beautiful lagoons and sheltered beaches that are safe for swimming. With its colourful marine ecosystem, you can spot spectacular marine life, like wrasses, damselfishes, clown fishes, and occasional seahorses. The island also brags a pristine environment that many campers and day-trippers keep coming back for.

Getting There:

Hop on a charter boat from a private operator at Marina South Pier or West Coast Pier. Take note that you’ll have to secure a permit from Sentosa Leisure Group if you intend to camp overnight.

Officially, there are over 60 natural and man-made offshore islands in Singapore. If you want to witness Singapore’s ethereal beauty for the first time—or for the hundredth time, these three islands offer nothing but surreal sights and experience for a great summer getaway.